6 Common Places where Mold Can Grow in a Home.

6 Common Places where Mold Can Grow in a Home.

The moldy smell and sight of mold are readily detectable by homeowners. Spores can readily be spotted in clusters. Pay attention to any sudden appearance of black or green splotches, especially in moist areas. Whether or not you see mold right away, a strong, unpleasant smell may also indicate an infestation.

1. Bathrooms

In bathrooms, you will often find mold. Mold spores thrive in the constantly humid environment and lack air circulation. The grout between the shower tiles has ugly black splotches. It is impossible to take a shower without getting mold on the curtain. A moldy environment can be found in the bottom of shampoo bottles, on washcloths, and even on toothbrush holders. A moldy environment can also be found behind the toilet and in the toilet bowl.

2. Below the carpet

During a summer thunderstorm, a homeowner could have left her windows open by accident. The carpet may also have become sodden due to leaks on the floor. In any case, the homeowner knows they have a wet carpet. In as little as 24 hours, mold will likely take hold on a soaked carpet unless immediate action is taken. A mold colony is thriving in a damp environment if you see white, black, or green patches or smell musty.

3. Kitchens

Molds enjoy a good meal as much as people do. A refrigerator that has been stocked with leftover chicken for more than a week creates an ideal environment for mold growth. The presence of mold spores increases with food that has expired. Mold is present in dirty dishes. Dishes also harbor mold spores!

4. Bedrooms

A wet mattress is the perfect breeding ground for mold. The mattress’s material and its wetness are conducive to mold growth within 24 to 48 hours. Moisture can build up from various sources in a mattress: a leaky window, sweat from people, or a devastating flood.

5. Living Rooms

Mold is likely to be found in flood-damaged homes. With their nutrient-rich materials and wetness, damp furniture and upholstery make perfect mold playgrounds. It isn’t just curtains that are at risk. Mold may have invaded the area if there is a musty smell.

6. Basements

Burst pipes, flooding, and cracked foundations are all factors that can cause mold to grow in your basement. If the source of water is eliminated, then mold will have no opportunity to thrive. 

7. Attics

In contrast, an attic that is not regularly inspected for mold can lead to extensive damage. An attic is ideal for mold spores to spread because of its lack of proper ventilation, warmth, and possible roof leaks. Mold is also often spread on the roof insulation.

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