6 Most Common Causes of Residential Water Damage.

6 Most Common Causes of Residential Water Damage.

It is our responsibility to maintain a home in optimal condition as homeowners. Unfortunately, certain parts of our houses can deteriorate faster than others, resulting in plumbing problems.

Below are a few causes of residential water damage that all homeowners need to be aware of to prevent further issues:

1. Severe weather

Due to climate change, extreme weather conditions are increasingly prevalent today. As a result, storms and other natural disturbances can cause significant water damage to your property, mainly when weather conditions like hurricanes and thunderstorms cause them. In addition, water leaks from the roof and flash floods can also develop due to certain weather conditions, which can pose a risk to your foundation.

2. Clogged gutters

Rainwater collection systems usually provide a way for homes to dispose of rainwater properly through their street sewers. However, dust and leaves may accumulate in roof gutters, clogging downspouts. Overflowing drains can result in water running into your home and damaging floors, ceilings, and walls.

3. A leaky pipe

Pipe leaks cause most water damage. You might not be able to repair a leaky pipe inside your wall, and moisture inside walls can lead to mold growth. Water damage restoration is therefore vital to prevent further damage.

4. Blocked drains

Clogs in the gutters of your bathtub, kitchen sink, and bathroom floor can result from several factors. Often, grease buildup, dirt, toiletries, hair, or small solid particles may clog these drains, causing them to fail to function correctly. Flooding can result from this issue, which can eventually cause the structure to suffer more damage.

5. Inefficient sprinklers

Your property can be saved from a fire if you install indoor sprinklers. You may find that an old sprinkler system that has not been well maintained will turn on itself even if nothing is burning. We can be vulnerable to fires caused by sprinklers when they malfunction and damage our electronics like computers, TVs, refrigerators, and other appliances.

6. Leaking water heaters

In addition to your water heater, you need to have it maintained regularly. Having an old unit that hasn’t been maintained regularly can significantly increase the likelihood of leaking. In addition to too much tank pressure and not enough water supply, other factors can cause water heater leaks.

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