6 Simple Tips to Getting Rid of a Smoke Smell in a Home.

6 Simple Tips to Getting Rid of a Smoke Smell in a Home.

A non-smoker’s top priority when moving into a new apartment is to free the apartment of odors caused by smoke. The question is how to eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke. Let’s look at some easy ways to eliminate the odor.

Vinegar is a great way to clean.

Smoke contaminates everything. Tobacco leaves behind resins, which contaminate everything. Clean all of your hard surfaces with diluted white vinegar and water. Cleaning your apartment with vinegar will get rid of the smoke from cigarettes. It will also diminish the vinegar’s smell, but at least you are not harming yourself.

Use baby powder or baking soda to vacuum.

Both baking soda and baby powder are great for removing carpet odors, including cigarette smoke. Either of these can simply be sprinkled on your carpet and allowed to sit for around 20 minutes. After that, you can simply vacuum them up. Then, if necessary, repeat the process.

Curtains and drapes – Be sure to clean them

Our curtains and drapes always need to be cleaned. The smoke was bound to have been absorbed into your fabric window treatments. Therefore, strip your windows to remove the smell. Put your curtains in a pillowcase, tie them up, and wash them gently. You can take embellished or delicate materials to a dry cleaner. Similarly, if you have wooden window treatments and blinds, clean them with vinegar solution.

Clean the air by using an air purifier

Almost any store that sells home products carries air purifiers. A larger area will require a more expensive air purifier. As an area grows, so does the price of the air purifier. Those living in apartments without expansive open spaces may need a smaller air purifier. For a while, let it run in each room. Additionally, if you suffer from allergies, you can use the air purifier consistently.

No Smoking Apartments

It is perfectly acceptable for your guests to respect your non-smoking choice if you are a non-smoker. You can let them smoke outside. Looking for a new apartment? Consider apartments where smoking is not permitted. The smell of cigarette smoke can spread from your neighbors, even if the previous tenant of your apartment did not smoke. Non-smokers should stay in nonsmoking buildings.

Remove cigarette smoke by repainting.

Certainly, even the walls are capable of smelling. You’ll usually see yellow tints on the walls when you walk into a smoker’s apartment. If your walls are dirty and smelly after you move into a new apartment, chances are your landlord has painted the walls with a fresh coat. If this is not the case, you can repaint.

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