7 ways to spot mold

7 Ways to Spot Mold in Your Home.

It is easy to mitigate the health risks posed by mold. These are seven ways to spot mold in your home before it becomes a problem.

1. Symptoms of mold exposure

Mold could be causing a runny nose, itchy eyes, and a worsening cough if you suffer from them frequently. In addition to headaches and itchy skin, mold exposure can cause sneezing and itchiness. A long term exposure to mold can also cause disorientation and dizziness.

2. Walls show signs of mold growth

It is often an indication of a deeper, more serious mold problem if mold is visible on your walls and ceiling. It’s important to get a mold test right away to determine the severity of your visible mold.

3. Unexpected mold growth occurs

Mold often grows behind furniture or appliances, which you can often see. If furniture touches walls, dust and particulates are trapped, increasing the risk of mold growth. Look for mold in areas without adequate ventilation. There is a possibility that mold is growing behind the old painting as well.

4. Odors of mold or mildew

If you suffer from clogged sinuses due to repeated exposure to the smell, mold is probably responsible. Mold may be stronger in some areas of your home than in others. Look for mold by using your nose.

5. There is a high humidity level in your area

It is more likely that you will develop a mold problem if your home is poorly ventilated. To increase ventilation, open a window and use fans. You can prevent mold growth in your home by controlling the indoor environment.

6. water Damage

Mold grows on wet surfaces. If you have experienced water damage, mold can also develop very quickly in your home. Please contact a professional if you observe water spots on your ceiling.

You can reduce the chances of mold growth by taking care of water damage as soon as possible. Identifying the presence of water damage will help you determine if there is mold present.

7. Mold causes death

Your home and your life can be destroyed by mold. You and your family can be put at risk for health problems. Mold can often be found on the walls of people’s homes. A mold problem can decrease a person’s life expectancy or health as much as a non-mold problem can increase it. Take steps today to eliminate mold in your house.

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