Creative Ways to Clean Up Water Damage in Round Rock, TX.

Creative Ways to Clean Up Water Damage in Round Rock, TX.

Whatever caused your house to flood in Round Rock, whether it was a sewage backup, a frozen pipe, or a natural disaster, we can clean it up. It is crucial to seek help right away. If you are going to clean up water damage, take photographs of the damage after contacting your insurance company.

Turn off the water source.

Your cleaning efforts will be useless unless you stop the water’s source. Therefore, determining what needs to be done is always the first step.

Get rid of the water.

As soon as you stop the source, you can remove the water. You will need to determine which tool is right for you based on your assessment of step one. Flood restoration water extractors are preferable for rooms with deep water levels, and larger wet vacs may handle a small flood in a confined area, but for a larger room with deeper flooding, a wet vac may not be enough. 

Discard ruined items

It is crucial to dispose of non-salvageable items immediately so that mold and mildew don’t develop. Wall drywall, carpets, and wood veneer furniture can be affected by submersion. When filing a claim with insurance, be sure to photograph the loss.

Get rid of soggy drywall.

It is always the walls that need replacing after a flood, not the floors. The drywall will need to be cut and removed after a flood.

Keeping the furniture clean

Furniture made of wood must be cleaned with cleaning solutions that won’t harm the wood. It is important to consider the professional treatment of upholstered furniture because it can seem clean yet harbor moisture.

Keep an eye on airflow.

You should keep an eye on your flooded areas and continue to monitor the area to ensure that it is thoroughly dried.