Emergency Fire Sprinkler Malfunction

It’s crucial to maintain your system to keep your home and family safe. You can’t take any chances. There is rarely a fire sprinkler repair that isn’t urgent. We have built a team and system to respond faster than any other company. With our in-depth training, most people who respond can resolve issues right away.

Regularly inspecting, maintaining, and testing the system reduces the need for repairs. You can easily access your property’s records with our comprehensive reports and a convenient online portal. So that you are never behind on recommended preventative services, we keep track of the services recommended for your specific system.

Unfortunately, accidents still happen in the workplace and at the office. Signs that your fire sprinklers need to be repaired include:

  • Leaks
  • Corrosion
  • Rusting
  • Recent Discharge
  • False Alarms

A component may be worn out or malfunctioning if any of these things happen, or it may be something much worse. Do not risk it. Protect yourself against liability. Take immediate action.

What should you do during a fire?

A sprinkler will go off when there is a large enough fire to activate it, and a fire alarm will sound. In an emergency action plan, fire-related actions should be implemented as soon as possible. Immediately after the alarm sounds, implement the plan. If you encounter any emergencies, please notify us. 

Our goal is to take over the area as soon as possible and minimize your loss. 

Watch out for the valves. A competent individual should check fire sprinkler control valves if they are on the evacuation list.

After a fire, what should you do?

Our services are available if you call us. During the next few days, our team will contact you and analyze the area for recovery. Therefore, we can recover the entire site without any damage and ensure that our fire sprinkler system does its job promptly. Sprinklers need to be shut off by a trustworthy person to function. 

A professional fire sprinkler contractor will be able to help you get the sprinkler system back up and running if it’s a dry pipe or pre-action system. Following these steps can restore a wet pipe system if it is a wet pipe.

  • Turn off the control valve and make sure it is closed.
  • Ensure that the Main Drain valve is open.
  • Close the main drain valve once the water has stopped flowing.

What will we do?

Those installed will be replaced with similar sprinklers of the same brand and rating. If you need them, make sure you have extra sprinkles on hand. Despite differences in temperature ratings, sizes of orifices, and orientations, we have all varieties in use. 

Further, our team will check the sprinkler system at the remote end by opening the main control valve. In this way, we ensure that water flows correctly.