Emergency Water Damage Restoration Tips

Emergency Water Damage Restoration Tips

You can consider these emergency water damage restoration tips once you have properly assessed the situation. After 24 hours, wet materials can begin to grow mold, so you can’t wait!

Disconnect the outlets

After discovering water damage in your home, the first thing you need to do is unplug all electronics. It is important to take caution around appliances and gas lines even though you cannot see the full extent of the water damage just yet. Electrical shocks or explosions may occur if the equipment is used regardless of the situation. 

2. Check for mold

The health risks associated with some mold strains are severe. When mold infests an area, it can spread quickly, so inspect the area for growth to prevent health problems. Small issues can be cut out, bagged, and disposed of right away. To avoid contamination, shut off all airflow if severe mold infestation, and contact an experienced mold specialist. In many cases, mold can be present inside the walls or floors. Because of this, this inspection must continue throughout the restoration process.

3. Get rid of moisture

The area must be dried thoroughly before more damage occurs. The carpet, wood, and surrounding materials can be dried out using fans and dehumidifiers. Keeping the area properly dry will help minimize the damage but will not completely stop mold growth.

4. Clean up damaged materials

The materials soaked in water, such as insulation or carpet, should be thrown away immediately so mildew does not grow on them. First, focus on ceilings and floors. Therefore, replacing the unsealed cement, drywall, and wood necessary to support water damage repair is necessary. 

5. Clean remaining areas

You should be aware that many bacteria can be found in water, depending on the type. In addition, the water could also promote mold growth, so the area should be sanitized right away. Once you have removed the damaged items, you should begin the restoration process by disinfecting the area. Bleach the surfaces before continuing with the repair so mold doesn’t grow.

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