How to Fix Water Damaged Hardwood Floors.

How to Fix Water Damaged Hardwood Floors.

Water tends to soak into these floors, causing severe damage. Water can damage hardwood floors in several unpleasant ways. For example, it can dull the wood’s natural beauty or cause it to become rotten. But there’s always a way out. You’ll learn how to restore hardwood floors damaged by water today and make them look new again.

Identify the water source.

To replace water-damaged flooring, it is essential to determine the source of the water. If you find the source of water damage to your hardwood floor, take the necessary steps to resolve it. Changing the floor without addressing the problem will cause the problem to repeat and cause further damage to your floor.

Replace the rotten planks

If you notice that the planks visually appear damaged with water, you will likely have to replace them. Nevertheless, mold, mildew, or water accumulation may develop on the unaffected planks in the future.

 Consequently, you will also need to take out extra planks around the damaged planks. As a result, it will create a buffer to ensure the surface won’t be damaged again. For a seamless repair, you can also choose the planks evenly.

Get rid of the water-damaged flooring.

Remove carefully the planks you have selected to replace. Ensure that the plywood base can be inspected after removing the top layer of wood. Make sure to remove the top layer of plywood if it has weakened from water or mold growth.

Maintain a dry concrete floor

Make sure moisture trapped beneath the subfloor is allowed to escape. You should let the plywood dry completely before patching into existing concrete. Otherwise, you will encounter future problems. If moisture or mold is allowed to penetrate the plank’s base, it will damage the surface.

Replace the hardwood planks with new ones

You should install new flooring once the concrete subfloor has dried and you are confident that it is completely dry.

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