Residential Water Damage

Residential Water Damage
Residential Water Damage, Residential Water Damage

Floods, roof leaks, burst pipes, and backed-up sewage systems all have one thing in common: Water damage. Therefore, it is essential to take water damage seriously and act quickly to alleviate the extent of damage and protect you and your family.

Residential Water Damage: Why You Need a Professional

Even though water damage can lead to some very unpleasant things happening in your house, your home inspector is likely to find them alarming. Home inspectors are trained to spot signs of damage to ceilings and drywall that cannot be disguised with paint. It is very challenging to sell your home at a reduced price because of hazards where untreated water damage exists, contributing to a decline in your home's value and making it harder to sell.

It is imperative to address water damage to your home thoroughly and as soon as possible, as significant effects. A professional water remediation company should be called when specific water types, amounts, and extent of damage occur. Another factor to consider is how long the water has been sitting and causing mold growth.


It's always a good idea to hire a professional remediation company like water damage round rock when handling mold and other contaminants. An experienced company will adequately assess and address the problem, maximize the number of salvageable items, and work closely with your insurance company. In addition, you can come to us for help if your home has suffered water damage. We offer free consultations.

You run the risk of sustaining severe structural damage when water is not treated on your property. Mold growth can also develop. As part of the restoration process following a water loss, one of the most vital steps is employing water removal and extraction services. Our technicians' advanced tools and equipment ensure that standing water is removed, excess moisture is removed, and all affected areas are thoroughly dried out. To restore your property to its original condition, we strive to offer you the best water extraction service available.

Our Services:

  • Moving your furniture or raising it and securing your belongings to limit (secondary) damage is part of what we do with you.
  • All floors and surfaces inside the home are dried with industrial fans, wet vacuums, and pumps.
  • As much as we can salvage, we pull up the floorboards and carpeting, allowing the drying process to begin.
  • Our water damage experts assess your contents, inform you of their evaluation, and restore the majority of the water damage. 
  • Prevent mold growth by cleaning and dehumidifying your property.

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Our technicians should be notified of any significant flooding, burst pipes, or other types of water losses as soon as possible. Whenever there is an emergency, we are available 24/7. Our team of water damage Round Rock specialists will protect your home or business from water damage by removing the water quickly and thoroughly.