Top 5 Causes of Commercial Water Damage.

Top 5 Causes of Commercial Water Damage.

You can suffer severe damage to your home as well as your business from water damage. Besides losing productivity days, you might also find yourself having to replace valuable appliances and equipment.

We’ll look at some of the most common reasons for commercial water damage.

Water Damaged Pipes

As a result of your apartment’s plumbing system carrying a large amount of water every day, you can expect your basements and residences to flood if it becomes damaged. It is common for plumbing leaks to occur in commercial or residential buildings.

Window and foundation damage

The damage of commercial windows can cause significant commercial water damage issues. Mold can grow because of moisture and water trapped in the damaged windows. A clogged gutter or insufficient drainage can cause such problems. In addition, buildings that have leaks in their foundations are prone to instability and shakiness. 

Sprinklers that do not work

In an emergency, the sprinkler could be very useful. The issue is that outdated sprinklers could damage your building. Activating old and outdated sprinklers can occur regardless of whether there is a fire because the sensors might not work. Replace your old sprinklers to prevent water damage in commercial properties. 

Broken or damaged appliances 

The leak of a broken dishwasher, water heater, or clothes washer can result in serious damage to commercial property. Therefore, you need to get periodic maintenance performed if appliances in your commercial facility consume water. 

Roofing Company

Periodic roof inspections are mandatory. Water might accumulate because of a malfunctioning drainage system. A waterlogged room eventually leads to stains, and leakage would damage the entire structure. 

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